We Nurture, Listen & Empower 

Using a Positive Youth Development framework, we work with our youth participants from a strengths-based perspective.

 Every  young person involved in our program regardless of their circumstances brings unique perspectives and experiences,

all of which  are valuable and treated as such. We create a space in which they are able to thrive in areas where they are already doing well and  give them opportunities to self-identify skills they would like to improve. This approach welcomes youth to come to  us without fear of judgment and furthermore gives us windows into their lives in a way that enables us to make referrals in a  non-threatening  manner..

                                                                                       List of program we offer  

                                                                                                                               Service/Leadership opportunities  

 Food Banks

   Visual Art
Work experience/Internships
Incentives & Gift Cards
      Digital Media
        Voice Lessons

College Tour/Prep
Business Development & Entrepreneurship Training
Financial Literacy
Resume Building
Job Placement