We present proven management techniques to achieving the highest enterprise media value by bringing untold stories to Communities through exclusive interviews from Politicians, Doctors, Musicians, Artists, Children, Community Leaders to mention but a few. With Community Development as our primary vision, our Staff and volunteers are committed to Community Service as we focus on world’s challenging issues such as Homelessness, Breast Cancer, and HIV Aids Awareness.

Ignite View showcases everyday issues face in our community. Our main goal is to provide life skills – helping enhance people ability to take responsibility in making healthier choices, resisting negative pressures, and avoiding risky behaviors. Ignite shows have a call-in forum for discussion, interaction, and respectful debate: on different topics. We also have different group sessions, confidential, interactive, and participatory, not only focused on transmitting knowledge but also at shaping attitudes and developing interpersonal skills. We provide encouragement and identify resources that nurture positive thinking and healthy decision making.

Ignite View show’s staff and featured guests consist of young adults and teens from various backgrounds. The filming is done weekly at 6:00 PM at 504 Studios and aired on online on Fridays and Saturday evening. Ignite View focused on our growing youth of today, and how teenage early misbehavior can have a huge impact on defining their future. The show gives people a chance to speak out on issues they face every day. The show also include dramatization of selected topics including various social issues teenagers struggle with and further explore the causes and offer solutions. Among other topics, Teen choking games, Sex, fears, life loss challenges, bullying, theft and racial discrimination have so far been tackled. The discussions directly focus not only on the awareness of concerning issues in the community but also provide tools and resources for solutions.

Ignite View belief that we can all benefit from this great opportunity into exploring, and improving the communication between young adult, teens, and parents or guardian.

We Nurture, Listen & Empower