Sponsorship Options

Friend of Artistry Youth in Motion: $50.00

Company/Personal name listed Website & Social Media

Back Pack & School Supply: $100.00

Company/Personal name listed on Website & Social Media Pages as Sponsor
Company Logo inclusion on Website & Social Media Pages as Sponsor

Level One Sponsor: $250.00 Monetary or $500.00 Product Donation

Logo inclusion on website, social media, (links back to website or FB Page).
Company name listed on the “Sponsors Sheet” placed in each backpack.
Placement of company literature throughout event, and inside backpacks to be given away.

Level Two Sponsorship: $500.00 Monetary or $1,000.00 Product Donation.

Includes all of level one as well as
Live mentions on stage during the event.
Promotion in pre & post event e-mail campaigns to participant’s 

Cosmetologists, and vendors. (E-mail list size = 2,500+)

Level Three Sponsorship: $1000.00 Monetary or $2,000.00 Product Donation

Includes Level One & Two as well as;
Company Logo listed on “Sponsor Sheet”
Interview on A.Y.M Ignite Radio Show

Logo Inclusion on Artistry Youth in Motion Banners 2-4 Located throughout event.

Social Media promotion to over 24,000 collective recipients through Facebook, Linkedin,

Twitter and Google+.

Banner placement in Entertainment area. (Banner Supplied by Sponsor).
Outdoor Booth Space Provided (Sponsors Provide Tent and Tables 10x10 area).

Level Four Sponsorship: $2,500.00 Monetary or $5,000 Product Donation

Includes Level One, Two, and Three as well as;
Company mentions in all pre & post event press releases.
Company Mentions in all pre & post radio, and TV Interviews.

Level Five Sponsorship: $5,000.00 and above monetary

Includes Level One, Two, Three, and Four as well as;Sponsor company name & logo included in television, radio, internet, and print advertising

We Nurture, Listen & Empower 

Excess inventory, Buybacks, Returns and Discontinued SKU’s. We can Help!
Are you a business trying to get rid of excess inventory without compromising your brand?
We have the solution.

We offer a unique opportunity to receive tax deduction by donating excess inventory to non-profits. Artistry Youth in Motion makes it simple, tightly controlled and fully documented. You can be assured that your products will land in the hands of those who really need it the most.

Key Donor Benefits:

Tax deductions up to twice the cost of your donation
Tightly controlled distribution protects brand integrity
Reports of non-profits that received your donation
Flexible donation process

Clear out warehouse space and support good causes in one simple step. Donate to Artistry Youth in Motion. Your merchandise donation will help support needy Families.. Our donors often receive a substantial Federal income tax deduction and we ensure that donated products won’t end up on the open market.

Example Tax documents from Artistry Youth in Motion:

Sample Tax Letter from Artistry Youth in Motion – 
download the pdf

IRS Tax Exemption Status Letter – 
download the pdf

Links to IRS Tax Information:

Tax Code for 170(e)(3) – 
download the pdf

How to Claim a Deduction for your Charitable Contributions  http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p526.pdfDetermining the Fair Market Value