We Nurture, Listen & Empower 



Artistry Youth in Motion is a nonprofit organization promoting inclusion and advancing systems change, to underserved children with a unique combination of educational, technology, arts and mentoring program that assist to foster

their self-esteem, self-confidence

                                                   &                                                            resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential.                                                                                                                                                 

Artistry Youth in motion Mission 

Youth empowerment and delvelopment

At risk/dropout prevention attendance improvement 

Create opportunities for families in need
Build sustainable fundraising and partnerships
Promote culture and effective public awareness
Develop individual talent
Provide food to those in need
Work to eliminate hunger and food insecurity

in FloridaDevelop sense of belonging and community involvement
Life skills through art making

Our Empowerment &Travel Club

Artistry Youth in Motion is an ongoing program that provides services such as, education, technology, mentoring, food pantries, art, prevention, intervention, and self-empowerment, college/career prep and youth leadership development. We also bestow best-practice activities that enable youth to reduce precarious    behaviors, develop personal competencies, and strengthen their commitment to education and community service. A.Y.M. offers positive alternatives, assisting them to transition from being “at risk” to “at hope” by imparting coordinated intake sessions that assess the youths’ needs, identify  their assets, and refer them to our community partners. All interactions are geared to empower youth to take charge of their own lives, their own future.

 Empowerment & Travel club enable underprivileged children and their families to fully participate in the enriching resources our community has to offer, including cultural, sporting, educational, and entertainment activities. In doing so, A.Y.M brings a source of joy to many children who otherwise may never have these experiences. This exposure to new experiences creates a brighter outlook for these children, helping to give them a sense of hope and broaden their possibilities. Imagine how the world can open up to a child who has never seen a play, or been to a concert or a ballgame. We want to give children a sense that anything is possible and help them to begin to dream exciting lives for their future.