We Nurture, Listen & Empower 

A.Y.M Arts Education and Youth Development program foundational values insistence on high expectations, active participation, and total acceptance of each

individual—stimulate not just artistic accomplishment, but improved grade-point averages, educational aspirations, and confidence about academic goals and also

 positive impact on life skills: how youth conduct themselves, organize their time, manage stress, lead a group, maintain a positive sense of self, interact with

people of different backgrounds, and set ambitious personal goals.

The goals of the program are:

Male & Female Empowerment 
High Risk Education and Prevention
Attendance Improvement and Dropout Prevention: Gather student’s attendance records and mandate attendance improvement in order for them to participate in

major program events. 

Core impacts
Developing individual talent
Leveraging of life skills through art making
Creating a sense of belonging and community

Benefits for Teens

High-quality arts education programs that incorporate youth development practices can develop young people’s artistic abilities while improving their life skills,

self-image, and social commitment.